Leyton Mills/ASDA security update

Recently Liberal Democrat councillors attended the Leyton Mills Safer Business Panel. Chaired by Police Sergeant Sarah Brewer with the Safer Neighbourhood Team, and with representatives of the shops and businesses in Leyton Mills.

It was noted that the problems with the DVD sellers and the gambling had virtually disappeared now that the Police are there every day. Although the DVD sellers are occasionally seen popping back to check if the police are still there, but the three-card trick people seem to have gone.

There were presentations about preventing crime in the area and discussion about the affects that the Olympic Park would make on the shopping area. It was agreed that it was important that all the shops and police shared information.

Councillor Sullivan asked about why the boarded up shops that were next to ASDA and opposite TKMaxx had not been let or opened up. Apparently when they were built there was no space planned for air conditioning in the units and a total lack of a delivery area for the shops. Unless someone can come up with an innovative plan, then they will remain boarded up. What a waste!

There is another meeting scheduled for the Autumn. If there are any issues that you would like to bring to our attention about the Leyton Mills shopping area – don’t wait for the Autumn, please get in touch with your Focus Team.

Fight to Save Harrow Green Library

Harrow Green Library to be axed by Labour Council
In order to save money our Labour run Waltham Forest Council is making changes to the library system. This includes the closure of our local Harrow Green Library.

The council admits that, ‘here in the south of the borough, where deprivation is most concentrated, health, education attainment and housing standards are lower, libraries are a focus for communities that enhance people’s quality of life.’

Libraries alleviate the effects of deprivation.

The Library building is home to many local groups and activities, as well as the borrowing of books, access to the internet and for study and homework. 50% of the borrowers are children.
The council now has a 12 week consultation period ending on Friday 9 September.

Please help us to Save Harrow Green Library by signing the petition at:


You can also write to Councillor Geraldine Reardon (responsible for libraries) at The Town Hall, Walthamstow E17 6JF

Drapers Field – Latest

Drapers Field - closed to the public until September 2013

We have manged to get a look at what the Council proposes for Drapers Field.

The Masterplan (above) shows that the all weather pitch will be re-sited and there is inclusion of some beach volleyball play areas. Maybe the Council is thinking of re-applying for the £100,000 lottery money that it had to return last year when they made arrangements to give the site to the Olympic Authority for warehousing space for the Olympics.

Below is a closer look at the planned beach volleyball area:

To enlarge the Masterplann, click on this link – Drapers Field – masterplan 

Latest News

 The planning application by the Olympic Development Authority (ODA) to use Drapers Field is still to be submitted to Waltham Forest Council’s Planning Committee. News is that it will go to the Planning Committee on 2nd August.

The information regarding how much compensation that the Council will get, through what is known as section 106 and section 111, has still to be finalised. The money received will be used to improve Abbotts Park, Marsh Lane and of course Drapers Field.

The good news is that the money allocated to Drapers Field will be to re-instate the all-weather pitch and introduce new landscaping, access, and community sports facilities. This is good news, as previously there was no mention of the all-weather pitch, or sports facilities being replaced, only that Drapers would be turned into a ‘special park’.

The other not so good news Councillor Bob Sullivan has been hearing, is that the ODA want to chop down two mature trees so that they can get access to the field by their lorries. He has followed this up and it is being challenged by council officers in the tree department who feel that access can be achieved without chopping down the trees. He will update again when he receives any further news on this.