Residents gathered outside the Town Hall to protest about road closures in the ‘Mini Holland’ scheme

Residents protest ignored!

The recent protest by over 1,200 residents against the road closures in Walthamstow and Leyton showed that the Council’s Mini Holland plans, including closing local roads, does not have the support of all residents despite the Council saying that they had.

Protesters not against the scheme or cyclists, but against road closures
The protesters went out of their way to say that they were not against the scheme or cyclists, but against the road closures. The Council’s plans have succeeded in causing division and anger across the Borough. The closing of roads has forced vehicles onto the already congested main roads like Lea Bridge, Hoe Street, and Leyton High Road and has resulted in a massive slow down of traffic, increased congestion and increased pollution.

Congestion and pollution bad for all
All of this is detrimental to residents, cyclists, pedestrians and bus users. Focus Team member Bob Sullivan, who was in the Town Hall listening to the Mini Holland debate, was appalled by the Labour Council restricting residents from hearing the debate, as they only allowed 12 protesters in, although the chamber can hold over a hundred. He was shocked by the arrogant, illiberal attitude with which Labour Councillors treated residents’ concerns. They were not prepared to review the Mini Holland plans despite residents’ requests and their own Labour MP’s request.

Council continues to ignore residents
They are, in fact, going to ignore residents and continue to put in similar divisive plans across Leyton, Leytonstone and Chingford!


Works commence Monday 16 March

Transport for London (TfL) has announced that work will include a new enclosureand new lighting to improve visibility and reduce anti-social behaviour. This will incvlude some work to strenthen the footbridge.

Period of work

Work will begin on Monday 16 March and will last approximately 16 weeks, or until the works are completed with the agreement of the local Council. The working hours will be from 21.30 to 05.00 at night and 08.00 to 16.00 Monday to Friday.

The strengthening works, taking place under the footbridge, are due to be carried out at night from 16 March until 3 April.

The surface renewal, enclosure and lighting replacement are to to be carried out during the day from 30 March until 26 June.

TfL says that every effort will be made to ensure that noisy operations are completed berfore midnight, but explain that vehicle reversing beepers are essential safety devices.

During bridge closures pedestrian and cyclist diversions will be clearly signposted.

TfL Contact

For further information or an update while work is underway, contact the Customer Services Department on 0845 305 1234,  or via the web at or via vemail at


London City Airport

Waltham Forest E Guardian – 28 January 2015

An airport has refused to attend a public meeting as it plans to go ahead with flight path changes which campaigners claim will cause a “noise ghetto” for those living under it.

London City Airport is planning to implement new technology to enable a much narrower and concentrated corridor over Wanstead, Leytonstone and Leyton.

Campaign group HACAN East believes this will increase the noise level for people living in these areas and wants the plan scrapped.

The airport will submit its proposal to the Civil Aviation Authority by the end of February, and if the plan is passed, it could be implemented in early 2016.

In a letter to the airport from deputy leader of Waltham Forest council, Cllr Clyde Loakes, he requested a further public meeting on March 2.

He said:

“I remain concerned that a significant proportion of residents are still unaware of the introduction of the RNAV technology and the impact that this will have on the quality of life of those living under the flight paths.

“I think it would therefore be useful if residents were able to hear from you directly about the next steps that will be taken and how the technology will be rolled out.”

But in reply, Jeremy Probart of London City Airport, ruled out attending a public meeting in the near future.

He said:

“There is very little that we can add to this currently, and feel that a public meeting, such as the one you suggest, would actually be counter-productive.

“We know that some people are opposed to the proposals (and the objections received have been incorporated in the report to the CAA) and a meeting in March would not be able to offer anything in the way of further information, which may simply serve to inflame, rather than to assuage.

“Therefore we will respectfully decline the opportunity you have outlined. If such a meeting were to take place, it would make sense to hold it after the CAA’s decision on the proposals and slightly before the replicated flight paths take effect.”

To sign the petiton:

RUCKHOLT ROAD – goes Dutch!

Waltham Forest Council is one of the few Councils, successful in their bid to Transport for London for ‘Mini Holland’ funds to radically improve cycling in the borough. One of the areas for improvement is Ruckholt Road.

At a consultation meeting in Leyton Library, Lib Dem Focus Team member, Bob Sullivan had a chance to discuss the plans with officers and residents. Overall the scheme looks innovative and will assist safer cycling in the area. Bob outlined many small changes that would improve the scheme for cyclists and residents. The main one was allowing a left turn from Oliver Road into Ruckholt Road. Blocking the left turn would only encourage vehicle rat running.

He also said that the present bus stop in Ruckholt Road by the library should not be moved to Warren Road. The area in Warren Road is constantly used by motorists to park and shop locally in the High Road.

He also felt that the two current CPZs need to be combined and the times of operation extended.

Bob says: My full list of comments and suggestions has been sent to the Council. This website will keep you informed of developments.

Downsell Road Bus Stand – toilet facilities to be installed!

Transport for London (TfL) has appointed a contractor (NMC Surfacing) to carry out necessary works to allow for drainage connection to the new bus drivers toilet facilities at the bus stand opposite Downsell Road.

The work is scheduled to take place outside normal construction hours on Saturday 23 November and Sunday 24 November between the hours of 08.00 and 20.00. This is being scheduled for weekend working to reduce the duration of the works and minimise the impact on road traffic in the area.

Should you require further information, or an update during the delivery of these works please contact TfL Streets Customer Services department on 0343 222 1234, email: or via the web at

Old Leytonstone Police Station – planning update

Former Police Station in High Road Leytonstone

Planning Application no. 2011/1229

At a recent meeting of the Planning Committee planning permission was refused for change of use from police station to school and nursery.

The reasons for refusal included an over-development of the site; increased traffic generation, congestion and increased demand for on street parking.

Full details can be found on the Council’s website, by quoting the application number in the Planning Explorer.

Barking – Gospel Oak Line – electrification urged

Liberal Democrat Assembly Member Caroline Pidgeon asked Mayor Boris Johnson if he would commit to ensuring that the Barking to Gospel Oak Line is electrified before the end of his Mayoral term. His written response is printed below:

I strongly support the electrification of the Gospel Oak to Barking Line, which would permit the introduction of longer London Overground passenger trains, and bring significant benefits to the UK rail freight industry.

However, the commitment you seek can only be made by the Department for Transport and Network Rail, as the line is part of the Network Rail network. TfL (Transport for London) has offered a contribution to any funding package, reflecting the benefits for Overground services, but to date the balance of the required funding has not been forthcoming from the Government.

TfL continues to make the case for this scheme.

Church Lane Car Park – under threat

Church Lane Car Park


Application Number: 2012/1423/LA

The Council has lodged the above planning application to further reduce the size of the Church Lane Shopping Centre Car Park, by installing a multi-use games area including new fences, gates and bollards; and reconfiguration of the car park.
The FOCUS Team believes that the prime function of a shopping centre car park is to attract ‘out of area’ shoppers to the range of independent retailers who do not have their own customer parking facilities. In Leytonstone even Argos must rely on public parking.
A report of the borough’s car parks, presented to the Cabinet, alleged that Church Lane Car Park is underused. The photograph above was taken on a normal weekday and only shows a disabled bay vacant. So much for ‘underused’.
LATE INFORMATION: the installation of the multi-use games area will involve the loss of 18/19 car parking spaces – this will inevitably mean less, or no, spaces left for shopper parking.
Full details of the plan should be on the Council’s website – look in the Planning Explorer, quoting the application number.
Comments on this proposal should be sent to:
Development Management, London Borough of Waltham Forest,
Sycamore House, Town Hall Complex,
Forest Road, E17 4JP
Closing date for comments: 4th November

CONSULTATION – proposed Controlled Parking Zone

The Council has decided to issue a Consultation Document asking residents in the temporary Olympic Parking Zone (G01-G10) for their views on the proposal to introduce an indefinite Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) in their roads.

The consultation document is due to be issued on 24 September and has to be returned by 19 October.

PLEASE NOTE: The Closing date is now 22 October.

The Council’s policy on the introduction of a CPZ is based on the views of the majority of residents, who return the questionnaire.

Whatever your views the Lib Dems stress that it is vital that the Council receives a response from every household regarding this important consultation.

When you receive the consultation document, please complete and return it without delay.